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Welcome to my website. I am a well-respected author and investigative journalist providing Reporting, Ghost Writing, Filmmaking, Photography, Public Relations, Personal Investigations, Teaching and Lecturing services to a range of private and commercial clients.

I have been commissioned and reported for in-depth investigations in The Sunday Times, Sunday Times Magazine, Sunday Express and The Guardian. I am a Sunday Times bestselling author and among my many written works are titles such as In For the Kill and Searching for Daddy.

I work for a range of interesting clients and am always delighted to be offered new challenges. Please don't hesitate to call me on 07702 211930. You can also request a call back using the form below or get in touch via my contact page. Otherwise, please read on down my home page and discover more information on the professonal services I offer.

Christine Joanna Hart
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Lean more about me, my background and my range of professional services.

About Me

Learn more about me and my wealth of experience as a bestselling author and journalist. My career as a journalist and also time spent working with security forces has given me a unique perspecitive.


Learn more about my professioal services for Reporting, Ghost Writing, Filmmaking, Photography, Public Relations, Personal Investigations, Teaching and Lecturing for private and commercial clients.

Contact Me

Get in touch with us, Ie’d love to hear from you. If you need more information or want to book one of my services please kindly call me or email me via my contact enquiry form. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

"She is a journalist extraordinaire."

Alison Boshoff, Showbusiness Correspondent, Daily Mail


You can hire me in any one of the service areas below.


I am a highly experienced and well respected investigative reporter having worked on Fleet Street for over 20 years.

Ghost Writing

I am an experienced editor and book coach, telling stories in different forms ever since I can remember.

Filmmaking & Photography

I began filming in 2008 and have worked with TV Producers such as Graham Johnston for Vice for Sky.

Public Relations & Press

Use me to deal with newspaper editors. I will negotiate you the best fee for your story and make sure you get paid.

Personal Investigations

I use my unique gifts to help others suffering from missing loved ones, anxiety, depression and a loss of self.

Teaching & Lecturing

I have over a decade experience lecturing in schools about my life as a journalist on Fleet Street.


Feedback about me from the world of journalism.

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From my blog

I publish regular posts on subjects of interest to my clients across a broad range of topics.

Are You Cursed And Don't Know It?

Christine Joanna Hart December 10, 2018

It took me a long time to rid myself of past curses. And often, one finds it impossible to find out where they have originated from.

Job Centre Gets Unemployed Women Playing Rugby

Christine Joanna Hart November 12, 2018

Running around in the cold and wet on a muddy rugby field may not sound like your typical route back into work. But one job centre is placing women on an intensive fitness course led by an England player in a bid to tackle unemployment.

British and US Troops Poisoned in Iraq

Christine Joanna Hart June 27, 2017

Christine J Hart talks about British and US troops poisoned in Iraq symptoms mimic PTSD.

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Christine Joanna Hart
Lowndes Square
Call: 07702 211930

  • About Me

I am a Sunday Times listed best-selling author and journalist and offer a range of professional services to all manner of clients.

  • My Mission

To empower my clients to be the best they can be by sharing with them my broad wealth of professional life experience.

  • My Services

Reporting, Ghost Writing, Filmmaking, Photography, Public Relations, Personal Investigations, Teaching and Lecturing.