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Welcome to my website. I offer full reports for more in depth corporate or high-powered, celebrity clients who have a need for a more complex reading. People whose lives are dynamic and fast paced, constantly changing, with many decisions to be made.

We will go into your energy and connect, and I will talk about what I am picking up, any guides, if they wish to communicate, or any issues that seem to be a problem for you, any strong relationships with loved ones still wanting to communicate.

I work for a range of interesting clients and am always delighted to be offered new challenges. I am based in Twickenham, London and have clients from all over the UK.

Please don't hesitate to call me on 07702 211930. You can also request a call back using the form below or get in touch via my contact page. Otherwise, please read on down my home page and discover more information on the professional services I offer.

Christine Joanna Hart


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About Me

I have been helping people as a practising psychic medium for over ten years using knowledge from studying Applied Psychology at degree level, University of North London and Counselling Diploma at Richmond Adult College and my own recovery from PTSD


For over 15 years, first at one paper, News of The World, then The Sun, I was a psychic-medium for News International. I spent over two decades as a confidant and assistant to Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch.

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"It was a pleasure to know her – I was continually shocked by her skill."

Rebekah-Brooks, Showbusiness Correspondent, Daily Mail


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I publish regular posts on subjects of interest to my clients across a broad range of topics.

Christine Hart – Psychic Supersoldier

Christine Joanna Hart June 11, 2019

Christine Joanna Hart, Psychic Supersoldier, appeared on the show after graciously allowing me to tag along with her on the ex SAS.

My Clients Have Included Royalty, but still my Lips Have Been Sealed

Christine Joanna Hart June 5, 2019

For over 15 years, first at one paper, News of The World, then The Sun, I was a psychic-medium for News International.

Soul Retrieval

Christine Joanna Hart June 1, 2019

My Dad always wore soft brushed nylon working men’s shirts. He smelt of 70’s aftershaves like Brut and Aramis.