How Essential Oils Can Shift Depression.

Chris Jo Hart Psychic

I was feeling empty after a week where I’d traveled on public transport, endured handymen at my flat, and helped a client in bereavement. I felt as if Id been overwhelmed by sad emotions, and my spirit felt heavy. I knew that this wasn’t a natural state of being and therefore shifting would just take a little bit of work.
If only those who feel like this, (a form of emotional constipation) would hold tight and let me help them work on the emotions themselves rather; than taking Prozac or Ambien, they would learn how to be proficient at shifting their mood on their own.
I knew I needed an oil to really whack me hard out of this grey state. Each one of us is different and it takes just a bit of work to find out which essential oil an individual needs to work with at this moment in time and for what particular issue, and this comes as part of a reading with me.
I knew once my chosen oil hit my olfactory senses and began to work I’d be airlifted out of a black dirty hole.
Vetiver lifts me every time and I felt it tugging me down but not what I’d consider grounding.
Vetiver tugs one deep into the ground. I’m being tugged downwards but it’s a mystical downiness. It was an amazing feeling. My grey fugue ceased to be. I was returned to a normal state and yet it was far more mystical. It wasn’t like a grounding to this reality it was a grounding to the actual earth – with all its dimension and beauty and all of its mysticism.
I was at one with all the true mysticism of the earth and it was a grounding not in this concrete jungle with all of its Tech and lack of green or manicured green but into powerful earth.
I saw beautify in mundane things I had previously looked at with dull eyes.
I had seen far too much mundane; it was too much; negative mundanity. I felt doorways inside my mind fling open my head cleared; I became aware of the infinite possibilities of life. Whatever my eyes laid open seemed beautiful and inspiring. Joy was returned. I sat in the carpark of Starbucks and thought about what a Saint of oils Vetiver actually was. Suddenly, my muscles began to unlock.
I was up to my neck buried in the earth, but not the earth my feet know in the park but ancient and alive earth; only to be found in the places of South Asia where Vetiver finds its soil to thrive. The tension exploded all over my body as I experienced an unlocking.
Like one of my homemade tinctures of herbal, Skullcap and Lemon Balm tincture; a freeing up and a relaxing; Vetiver called, let me take you down.’
I went home and burned it in my home, sprayed it in a bottle with spring water, and massaged it on my 12 chakra points and even the other sides of my palms and soles of feet.
In death and in life – we have the Key. It can be mundane sad and fearful or we can seek out a god of our understanding and give it mystical depth. We can commune with this god or goddess and give our lives intensity of ofthe dimensions for when this one, lets us down.