Time Travel Is Possible.

I had an intense experience last night after listening to a hypnosis video; which is hypnosis to help you bust out of the Matrix, (apparently)

As the hypnotist’s voice told me, ‘Take the blue pill or the red pill and tumble down the hole like Alice;’

As I listened to his voice, I felt myself falling deeper and deeper.

The Hypnotist’s voice asked, ‘Picture in your mind what you desire most.’
I took him literally and pictured a man I liked, (let’s called him Joe) and a large bed.

The hypnotist asked again – ‘What do you most desire? Follow the image of your desire like the White Rabbit and let them take you down and down and down further, fall down into the blackness of the rabbit hole.’

My desire didn’t change and so I went deeper and deeper into that desire.
I was getting more and more into sleeping with John and gradually it turned into my adoptive father. (Yuk!)
I spoke. ‘Hang on this is all very sick.’
The hypnotists’ voice told me to ask that the walls disappear.
The walls came down and I was freed, yet not freed, I found myself inside a large black tent.
My friend Brian appeared and I saw a room which had machines in them.

I recognized the large grey tape machines as the same machines as I had seen when I had done an exercise to get me into Yesod in the Tree of Life. I seemed to have machines in my subconscious.
I began to angrily smash them up.

Brian said, ‘No just disable them.’ He unplugged them at the mains and took out the tapes that were playing on continuous in my head.
Brian said. ‘You’ve had a working done on you – this is what that is.’
I replied. ‘Have you had a working done on you?’
He spoke. ‘No, I havent.’
I also saw a woman called Valerie who was at my kid’s home working them and I immediately slapped her.
Brian said, ‘No do it like this,’ and made her disappear.

After we had finished up. The hypnosis tape was still playing on my ear buds.

‘Go look through your entire life as an observer.’
I saw a dinner table with my adoptive parents, everything seemed unreal and fake. I saw my aunt – a nun. Saw she was more of a guard there to watch me. I slapped her.

The hypnotist then said. ‘Now break out of any constructs you find yourself in.’
I looked around to see if I was in a construct.
I saw that I was inside a black tent, covering reality – like on ‘the Truman Show.’
I went to the edge, like he did and hunted for the zipper.

I found the zipper to let me out of reality. Undoing the zipper, I found myself outside and it was an Arabian desert at night fall.
I found myself a large white horse and galloped into the nearest town.
As I approached, I could see that the ancient town was sleeping and somewhere in the Middle East.

I asked someone, ‘Take me to Moses, show me his house.’
Part of my mind was wondering why I was saying that.
Some men showed me the way to Moses little stone house.
I went inside and a man faced me.
I asked him, ‘Have you met Yahweh yet?’

He laughed and said, ‘Why are you asking that? You know that I have already met Yahweh.’
I questioned Moses more and he seemed to be finding me amusing and he also seemed to know me.
I asked him. ‘Do you know me?
He laughed some more and entire life said, ‘Of course, I know you – are you sick or something?
I asked. ‘Who am I?’
Moses laughed on.
I went to a mirror in his living room and saw I was an Egyptian woman, black hair, fairly young.

Moses said ‘Go ask your father who you are.’ and laughed.
I said as if remotely, ‘I’m the Pharaohs daughter.’
He said ‘Bravo.’ and laughed on.
I turned excitedly and said – ‘What was it like when you met Yahweh, did you see him?
Moses said ‘I wasn’t allowed to see him. I’ve told you; he made me come to his tent but I sat with my back to him.

I spoke. ‘How did you know that the being cares for us?’
Moses replied. I could feel his caring for us.’
I swooned inside and said how much I’d love to be the one who had been chosen to meet the creature.
I then recalled standing in a plague of locusts flying towards the /Temple/Palace and feeling them bounce off of me and in the plague, I felt this inordinate power of this being.

I was so in love with the power that could do something like that.

I asked Moses. ‘What did he say his name was?’
Moses said – ‘He told me his name is El.’
Moses went on. ‘He is a creature. Not human. But with so much power that its far beyond this world.’
I rode the white horse and found the place where Moses met the being.
I suddenly found myself sucked into a portal.

I looked around me and asked aloud.
‘Did Moses work change the world?

I was back as me now.
I suddenly recalled going to the British Museum, Egyptian section and recalling myself as that girl and feeling sand underneath my feet. I’d been trying to get back to Moses.

‘But why was I stuck here?’
I’ve lived a life as an idiot, aimlessly, searching.
I’d searched, studied Time Travel and had gone to that museum over and over to try to reach back into my past in Egypt, only to find the being.
Finally, when I’d been made homeless in 2018, I’d called out for Yahweh in the Psalms and been saved, yet still poor and leading an insecure life; at least I’d found God.

What is the Matrix and why do we live inside of it?
Why are we like non-organic chickens boxed up in factories and mistaking this for real?
Yahweh’s work with Moses did nothing to effect change.
I’d recommend everyone play this hypnosis on earbuds at night, this world is nowhere near what life was meant to be for all of us. This paradigm serves a God who goes against Yahweh; but I do not know his name.

The way out is to get back to your reality and climb the Tree of Life and contact your Holy Guardian Angel so you can jump off the wheel of reincarnation and rise to a life free of pain and bathe in a healing sea of true life and love.