Are You Cursed And Don't Know It?

By Christine Joanna Hart | December 10, 2018

Are You Cursed And Don't Know It

It took me a long time to rid myself of past curses. And often, one finds it impossible to find out where they have originated from.

You will need a psychic to track the hand that dealt your curse; so, one can travel down timelines of your past and witness that spiteful hand and literally seize it.

However, there is one thing you can start alone and that is to awaken your body to any curses.

You do this prep work with essential oils and green superfood powders.

I would advise a teaspoon of Chlorella powder daily to level out the acid in the body and to cleanse the blood so it is running at top battery pack power. We have chargers in our body and the blood and its cells are one such energy pack. Muscles are another and the teeth are one of the conductors on the circuit, so please keep them clean and your calcium levels up.

The essential oils I work with (for healing) are jasmine and geranium – frankincense and rose with cedarwood for grounding or patchouli. Use all or pick one or two of them you are drawn to.

The cleansing herb Red Clover in a hot tea infused with dried Goji berries and dried Mulberries cleans the blood and is delicious.

For the last few weeks I have worked with rose essential oil as it is very healing in curses that are all about hate. Rose is all about LOVE and HEALING.

My curses came to the light recently after a week-long use of rose essential oil as I was feeling got at and attacked by narcissists and felt under par and unloved.

Rubbing rose oil on the chest and heart area will heal this feeling.

It reminds us that those around us in human form are but temporary and just reflections of ourselves so in a way – ‘sod ‘em’ – make light of your interactions – make heavy of nature and the realms of God – your permanent state.

We must concentrate on the one permanent being and that is God and focus on God however we want to see him. I chose the sun and in the image of Jesus.

Connect to your images and connect your love up there and disconnect it to the things of the world, including humanity.

You can use mantras while you walk in nature such as:–

‘I reject the things of the world’ – the things of the world and the people in it no longer matter.’ ‘I disconnect to all around me.’ I connect to the earth. I connect to the sky. I accept purity and I know I am much loved by that which will never desert me.

Then connect up to the worlds of the higher realms. I connect to the Gods. I connect to the Creator.

I saw my own curses in my body, as I felt it feel full of spit. Just chock full; as if my blood was spit.

I lay in that feeling as I became more and more aware of it.

I then called the Blood of Christ down to exorcise the filth.

I saw a black gob stopper pop out of my mouth and relieve pressure on my teeth. I knew it was a curse. So, I reached out for a hand – this is the hand of intent who has cursed you and it will always be human.

To my surprise I found the hand of a school friend – I shall call her Leonie.

Leonie was a popular girl and my best friend, yet I had always felt odd about her – as if the golden girl was fake.

I remember as I began to hang with her in secondary school I always began to fail. I had no idea why. Who I was began to crumble.

We don’t know who are the witches around us – but they exist – often they don’t have to break a sweat to curse us – just have intent to do us harm. Their daemonic gift is passed down from mother to daughter – some are unconscious witches, some are very conscious and reincarnated from previous lifetimes when they were very powerful.

I commanded her to inform me what had gone one – she informed me that she had cursed me at school – my natural intelligence she felt, I ‘took for granted’ – angered her for she was less genetically endowed – and so she had cursed me with the ‘idea’ that I was stupid – she told me with a laugh.

(I indeed remember going from a 97 per cent student, one of the high achievers at Grammar School – into a 43 per cent student and the question in my mind came overnight – ‘how come I can do things others can’t it, this must be wrong – I’m stupid.’

For years I blamed my mother for lowering my confidence and did not consider for one moment that I might be the victim of a jealous school friend who was a practising witch. The idea I was stupid had always blocked my progress in my life and I have never since then accepted my own intelligence.

As friends went off to become Professors in Physics and went to Oxford and Cambridge and I knew were less bright than I – my life became a mess of suffering.

I took shitty jobs and I dated men who were less than me, who were stupid, as I thought that I was matched to. I lived not as my authentic self. I was never fulfilled and never made love as I was not with an equal. I was also not seen.

I lived life as a dumb blonde feeling almost trapped inside a body that was not mine. And they say transgender kids have it hard – try living like that. I had no idea what had gone on.

I know I felt sad. I know I felt incredible angry and yet I was stymied. Trapped in darkness. How was I to know that this is what witches boast is a BINDING.

Witches or those hosting daemons literally can ‘bind’ a person so they are in a prison of ice. A prison they do not even know exists – they just feel it – as if every power they have has been revoked and bound. It is a Satanic practice – rife in today’s world, yet most people have no idea of it.

As I prayed the curse lifted.

Leonie had blocked my mouth with the dark gob stopper as speech is a way of expressing intelligence. I have been unable to express my inner core and over time rejected it as false – others have picked up on it being angry and saying I’m playing the dumb blonde as an act. I haven’t played anything. It was the result of being under a curse.

The spit is a heavy curse to ground someone – like a binding. The life blood has much power here on earth – indeed Christ spilled his blood. It holds power. For the blood to be turned to spit binds the vicitm and renders them powerless in a world where you need your spiritual energy and power to survive and thrive.

I was enlightened as to my interest in men who had been bound – around that very age of 14-15.

I looked into the eyes of shot dead criminal Billy Hughes and knew he wasn’t guilty of killing the family he murdered as he escaped a prison van going from one prison to another.

I saw confusion in his eyes and not evil – so I sensed something else afoot.

My psychic intuition knew it was possession – which is influence from the occult – a binding of their own humane will and heart – influence from the supernatural realm – just as I was influenced by the occult and supernatural realm to have my intellect and self-love grounded.

I was influenced to feel myself as dirty inside with bucket of filthy weak dirty foul spit instead buckets of fresh God gifted clean red blood

I looked at men like Billy Hughes as a Rubik’s cube to undo them to get close to them to search them to unrevoked them to the point where I found out what had gone on in my own life to turn me into a person that I was not.

No human kills women and children wantonly. It is just not a human thing to do.

I felt dirty studying men like that. Yet I could see in their eyes they were under ‘effect.’ They were always mere ‘boys’ of 21 to 25 – looking confused and bewitched.

But sickness makes one selfish.

I was searching for a way out of my curse- freedom from invisible ties – I didn’t even know I was tied by.

I pined for a way back to how I ‘used to be’ – ‘alive’ and ‘on course’ to have a life that ‘suited me.’

How I felt so ‘disabled’ when I saw my neighbour Janey living a life that followed her life – a life I knew I should have had – a husband who matched her and a home she bought when they married. I lived in rented, all alone and was sneered at and judged as a loser – a freak. I knew I hadn’t been on course and I judged myself.

I did not understand it. When you think you are stupid and feel dirty inside – even simple things are difficult.

My books were all about my search to get free and publishers made me call them ‘searching for’ this or that – but it was myself I was seeking.

My skill of story telling was buried. I had no choice but to write again and again of my struggle like a pig in a sack – in the hope of finding a way out.

Perhaps when one thinks about it one can finally comprehend why there were days when witches were burned.

However, there are those that practice Magick to reverse curses and help others.

I would not be performing a powerful reversal on Leonie – oh no – if you cursed others entire lives my guess was your own life was dead and withered.

I had no hatred or malice. I was free.

When Jesus died on the cross, he split His blood to lift us all out of curses. A lot of us lived under group curses or family curses – generational curses so we were a people bound up by something – we had no idea of – like Gulliver tied up by strings on a little planet.

We were Gods walking as dumb animals in donkeys’ chains on a little planet – when our goal was to walk in the Realm of the Gods – in whose image we were made.

Lets all find what binds us and break free and live in power – and weald it to make this earth clean of the Devils who walk it.

If you feel you might be bound or cursed – click here to contact me.

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