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Use me to deal with newspaper editors who are exactly like Ben Chapman’s character in the TV series ‘Press’ I will negotiate you the best fee for your story and make sure you get paid and come across in the most favourable light.

Why pay the high rates of a well-known PR company in Westminister or Mayfair that merely hires ex-Fleet Street hacks like me. Damage limitation is my forte. Let me stand between the rabid editors eager to destroy your hard-won reputation and you.

If you aren’t being harassed with the threat of your business and personal life in tatters and want to ‘Talk To The Press’ sell your story for the highest price you can - don’t go near the sharks - use me and I will secure you a water tight contract with editors who know me, and I them. Protection when in Fleet Streets shark infested waters are your main criteria when selling a story or PR.

I have been commissioned and reported for in-depth investigations in The Sunday Times, Sunday Times Magazine, Sunday Express and The Guardian. A number of my assignments include working undercover and some comparatively dangerous including a major investigation entitled, ‘Inside the Real IRA.’ I have covered stories including drug dealing in Britain, Real IRA in Belfast, child slavery in India and Pakistan. I currently live in London with my 14-year-old son.

I am blessed to have reported internationally; on commission in Washington from the Guardian to interview the Hillside Strangler’s attempt for parole and Belfast for Sunday Times for politics. I have appeared on BBC World Service, ITN, Ch 5 and Ch 4 as a guest journalist on current events. I broadcast weekly on my own radio show, investigating current affairs, Middle Eastern Affairs, ISIS, Corporate corruption, geopolitics, foreign policy/defence and cultural issues. My weekly broadcast for USA’s Revolution Radio goes out to East and West Coast of America with from 10k to 100k listeners per week. I know stories. I know how to sell yourself and a story so you shine like a diamond and your fame begins here.

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Christine Joanna Hart
Lowndes Square
Call: 07702 211930

  • About Me

I am a Sunday Times listed best-selling author and journalist and offer a range of professional services to all manner of clients.

  • My Mission

To empower my clients to be the best they can be by sharing with them my broad wealth of professional life experience.

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Reporting, Ghost Writing, Filmmaking, Photography, Public Relations, Psychic Detective, Teaching and Lecturing.