Psychic Detective, Medium, Healer

Psychic Detective, Medium, Healer

By Appointment Only
  • For one private visit to energetically cleanse a new home, soul retrieval and to energetically open blockages: £150.
  • Skype consultation to heal depression and anxiety: £95 per hour.
  • Large events and lectures: £250.
  • Past life, Skype Past Life, Connection to loved ones passed: £95 per hour.
  • House energising and clearing, shamanistic soul retrieval, your love future, mind mapping, future based on past life incarnations, energy reading for health: £150.
  • Energy readings and core reconnection: £95. Visits to your home, or mine, £95 plus. £15 for full report.
  • I am based in Twickenham, West London which is easily accessible by road and rail.

My Story

What I missed most about leaving behind my career on staff in Fleet Street to set up my own agency was using my life-long psychic gifts in my detective work as an investigator for top lawyers like Farrer and Co, Daily Mail and The Sunday Times. It was this gift for investigating and solving murder cases, terrorism and other crime that led me to earn a six figure salary. The Royal Editor of The News of The World called it, ‘The Christine Hart Magick’. Peter Allen of The Daily Mail would ring and ask to ‘borrow my genius’.

I have been featured on BBC and BBC radio including World Service. I decided to use these gifts to help others suffering from missing loved ones, anxiety, depression and a loss of self. I have been helping people as a practising psychic medium for over ten years using knowledge from studying Applied Psychology at degree level, University of North London and Counselling Diploma at Richmond Adult College and my own recovery from PTSD.

Investigate Yourself or Loved Ones or that new Business Partner

Are you living life as you? Or someone else? Are you running a program that needs to be ejected and a new one put in? You need unconditional loving regard as a baseline program. I work towards making you autonomous; no one needs to be on anti-depressants when readings and energy work can re-connect you to your real self and activate that self rather than a life lived from the monkey mind. I use past life reading and psychometry to connect you to your real self. This improves relationships, finances and life quality. I heal anxiety and depression and give back meaning and purpose.

I can connect you with loved ones who have passed with sensitivity. I use RV and CRV - remote viewing and astral journeying to read my clients futures and past lives and re-connect them with missing soul parts and the core self. I use photographs to investigate the viability of changing timelines in current relationships, careers, love-life and guidance on financial situations and business risk. As a psychic investigator I investigate you and or loved ones and business associates. Money, Love, Future, Past-life, connect to relatives passed. I choose a power animal for what you are lacking and call on Guardian Angels and the Gods to heal you and stay with you. I cut cords with the past and parasitical energies.

It was a pleasure to know her – I was continually shocked by her skill. She was my personal Miss Marple for many years.

Showbusiness Correspondent, Daily Mail

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