Christine Hart – Psychic Supersoldier

By Christine Joanna Hart | June 11, 2019

Guesting on Texas Radio Show

Christine Joanna Hart, Psychic Supersoldier, appeared on the show after graciously allowing me to tag along with her on the ex SAS, John Urwin Interview a few months ago.

Watch Christine’s guest video then read more about her below…

In this episode, ex-MI6 operative, Christine Hart speaks briefly about her book and missions she’s been sent on in the past as a Supersoldier such as infiltrating the IRA, her disturbing interviews with two of the world’s most notorious serial killers that resulted in a book.

She recounts on air her terrifying encounter with a ex military Black Magician Colonel Michael Aquino on the Astral Plane.

Christine was able to overcome years of merciless treatment at the hands of priests and Child Adoption Bureaus in the UK only to end up a pawn in a deadly spy game as a young lady, involving herself romantically with the head of the Real IRA whilst working as a reporter for The Sunday Times in Belfast, for reasons that are still somewhat elusive to her.

The question has been given, is she a survivor of one of the MK-Ultra like programs?

Is she a Monarch asset? She certainly fits the bill for the Marvel like ‘Supersoldier’ who can battle it out on the Astral Plane – shooting out webs from her fingers. She isnt one to cross and is a practised Enochian Magician!

Her book, ‘Searching For Daddy’ was a Sunday Times Best seller but she has yet to write about her life as ‘a spy who didn’t know she was a spy’ – what is termed a ‘Supersoldier’

When considering the facts, the overwhelming evidence seems to suggest that yes, she was used for her extremely strong psychic gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience evident in her since childhood in a Jesuit run orphanage.

There can be no doubt of her amazing psychic abilities which have been tested by those in our field; her ability to Astral Journey – to Jump Timelines and to open and close Portals. But the dangerous saga continues, possibly to the present day.

It was only a few short years ago that Christine unintentionally provoked a man who dealt with the occult during the Vietnam War. Colonel Michael Aquino, the controversial author, military officer, and ex-Satanist.

Her recounting of that traumatic experience that thankfully lasted only 4 days and nights but left her scarred forever is in-depth, frank, and totally real, easily one of the scariest testimonies we’ve had on the show, ever.

We then get to hear about Christine’s amazing work and the Advanced Psychic Services she is offering to blue chip companies and high net worth individuals for Dream Intrusion, Remote Viewing and Astral Espionage. Medium work with ex CID to profile criminals and serial killers.

Her unique work seems to hold promise of a secure if not bright future. We don’t often get guests of the caliber that Christine is, but it’s definitely a joy. This is a must see episode. For Adult audiences only.

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About The Author

Christine Joanna Hart
Author & Freelance Journalist

Christine is a well-respected Shaman, Healer, Author and Investigative Journalist providing psychic services to a range of private and commercial clients.

For over a decade she worked both employed and as a freelance contributing reporter for various newspapers including: The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail and News of the World.

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