My Clients Have Included Royalty, but still my Lips Have Been Sealed

By Christine Joanna Hart | June 5, 2019

Christine Hart’s clients include Royalty.

For over 15 years, first at one paper, News of The World, then The Sun, I was a psychic-medium for News International.

I earned sometimes up to 100k a year to sit in a privileged position near the individuals the top of the Rupert Murdoch empire.

I spent over two decades as a confidant and assistant to Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch; enjoyed lavish social events where I met many individuals I wouldn’t have usually had access to including Royalty where I was passed a certain Royal’s home phone number and carried out a consultancy.

What constitutes a psychic detective?

Remote Viewing as in the CIA’s Stargate Project. Energy readings – Psychometry. Dream Intrusion by accessing on the Astral Plane and all manner of Psychic Spying including Astral Accessing.

I now practice Enochian Magick and perform healing for private clients in Knightsbridge London.

Psychic Detective work for News International included working alongside Rebekah Brooks each day as her assistant, I would check out Rebekah’s competitors, find out what member of staff was a threat – whether to move in a story or not.

As a gifted Psychic – Medium I would contact entities through ritual about her future and guard her from her enemies. I carried out Remote Viewing, Psychometry and Dream Intrusion.

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About The Author

Christine Joanna Hart
Author & Freelance Journalist

Christine is a well-respected Shaman, Healer, Author and Investigative Journalist providing psychic services to a range of private and commercial clients.

For over a decade she worked both employed and as a freelance contributing reporter for various newspapers including: The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail and News of the World.

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