Soul Retrieval

By Christine Joanna Hart | June 1, 2019

Early life and my father

My Dad always wore soft brushed nylon working men’s shirts. He smelt of 70’s aftershaves like Brut and Aramis, bought for him by me or my adopted brother, Mike.

Tom, as he was known to friends was handsome, in a Clint Eastwood kind of way, blonde stubble, bright blue eyes that matched mine and he had come over to London on the boat from Dublin, Ireland.

We lived in a house owned by my adoptive mothers’ parents in Hayes. Dad drank too much beer and whisky, yet hid it from us kids, then he got very fat when he became teetotal when I was about 11.

Trouble was Dad was sexually abusive.

I became rubbish at school; it was like the academic part of me no longer existed. I believed I had just changed. This was not so. I had splintered off. Various parts can splinter all through our lives and most of them still hang around the main core.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval works to re-unite the parts so you can live a normal life again.

Soul retrieval works where other therapies fail. Once one locates your parts – then one can set about pushing them back inot the core self.

Soul Retrieval for Sexual Alters or parts

I give personal psychic energy readings to track down your past and future timeline to find out if you are re-living your past trauma and if you have left parts behind.

I carry out Soul Retrieval to reclaim your missing parts. I will then put you on a healing program to make you whole again via flower essences to reattach any lost parts we have not tracked down.

Life as a half person is no life at all.

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About The Author

Christine Joanna Hart
Author & Freelance Journalist

Christine is a well-respected Shaman, Healer, Author and Investigative Journalist providing psychic services to a range of private and commercial clients.

For over a decade she worked both employed and as a freelance contributing reporter for various newspapers including: The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail and News of the World.

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